We had sunshine, 75 degrees, beautiful lush garden specimens, artists from all over North America, yummy refreshments and music. All this at our annual, Art in the Garden event at the Robert J Moody Demonstration Garden.  We moved the date of the show to accommodate more artists being available. It was a great move because many new medians of art were exhibited.  The art is judged and awarded certificates and ribbons for the top 3 in each category plus a cash award for the Best in Show. I tried to pick a favorite, but I just couldn’t. They all were so unique, colorful pieces and magical pieces of art.  Each piece is a one-of -a -kind masterpiece.

Gourd Painting & Carving

Pineneedle Baskets

Fused Glass Art & Jewelry

Rock Art Etching

Fine Metals Jewelry

Fused Glass Paintings

Eco Print Textiles

Encaustic Painting


Plein Air painting is a term that sounds so exotic, but it is fairly simple. Let me explain. It is basically what you envision artists doing on the banks of the Seine in Paris or an Italian Vineyard Countryside. An artists sets up an easel and paints what they see.  They use a variety of paint methods: Pastels, Acrylics, Watercolor and Oils.  Our painters used pastels and acrylics. They only had a few hours to create their masterpieces.   There were many beautiful pieces of art created by our talented locals. The lighting was gorgeous in the afternoon on a variety of cacti specimens in our Xeriscape and Native section of the garden.  One large organ pipe made its appearance as a focal point on a few canvases. I loved all the different interpretations of the garden. I wish we could make post cards out of all the paintings we have seen done by artists over the years of our amazing plant specimens.

1st Place Plein Air Award Recipient

2nd Place Plein Air Award Recipient

3rd Place Plein Air Award Recipient


The garden is a perfect backdrop for any artistic endeavor

Early in the day during the Art Event set up a Photography Class for 4-H was there practicing techniques and gathering ideas of what to take photos of for the Robert J Moody Demonstration Garden fair entry coming up in a couple of months. We had the most spectacular looking African violets on display and sale courtesy of Yuma Orchid and African Violet Society. We had flutes of many shapes being played creating a relaxing atmosphere. For a simple donation you could get a sweet culinary creation, coffee or bottled water. There was so much going on the time flew by so fast.

Flute music filled the air

Artists Judged and Awarded Top 3 Categories and Best in Show (People’s Favorite)


During the show judges were hired to pick the best artists in Plein Air and in Artistic Craft.  I don’t know how the picked there were so many wonderful pieces to select from.  However, at the end of the day. Certificates and ribbons were given to 3 of the top best in each category. Besides judges, we let the guests select their own personal show favorite.

What an Amazing Day!

This year the best in show for Artistic Craft and People’s Favorite went to the same artist. Aime and Susan Poirer for their Rock Art Etching. Besides certificate and ribbon the People’s Favorite gets a $50 cash award.  They were so gracious and offered to do an etching for us to place in the garden permanently.  You will have to come and visit in a few months to see where exactly it was placed.


We also had an opportunity to raise funds for our accessible pollinator beds too by offering refreshments to garden visitors. Besides gardening there are many good bakers in our garden club. Crowd favorites, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Brownies, Sugar Cookies, Pecan Pie Bars and so many more yummy treats.