Argentine mesquite is a large summer shade tree for xeric landscapes. This is not a lawn or street tree, nor is it a tree for small urban spaces!  Large, upright and spreading, asymmetrical form, nearly always twisting, contorted and misshapen when young with the potential of becoming picturesque with age (so long as it has been properly trained).Woody, evergreen to deciduous perennial tree, fast growing, irregularly spreading and randomly branched, 30 to 40 feet height with a spread of 80 to 100 feet, trunk rough chocolate brown w/ age, growth begins each year in May and continues through November.

Bipinnate leaves to 4 inches long. Young trees often have only two pinna; however, as tree specimens mature they will grow foliage with four pinna. Leaflets, in numerous pairs, are generally only 1/2 inch long. Leaves with stipular spines present or absent; when present can grow sometimes to 2inches long and are dangerous; medium fine texture. Flowers are greenish yellow catkins in spring, relatively inconspicuous because of color; fruits are 3-5 inch long twisted beige pods, ripen in July, edible. Loves full sun, tolerant of all soil, hardy to 15 degrees.  Drip irrigate when you but little to no irrigation is needed after the first year.