An evergreen long lived plant with long, gray strap-shaped serrated leaves on a stout short trunk that can rise 4 to 6 feet and the spread can be about the same. The 3-foot-long narrow leaves are blue-gray color with sharp serrated margins and a spoon shaped base that gives the plant one of its common name. These leaf bases remain on the trunk giving it a rough appearance. Flowering occurs only every few years with tiny pale brownish greenish male or female flowers (this is a dioecious plant bearing flowers of one sex or the other) on stout spikes 10 to 15 feet tall from the center of the leaf rosette in early summer. After flowering the rosette branches at the base of the inflorescence to replace the flowering rosette and enabling the stem to continue to grow on. Plant in full sun. It is drought tolerant and hardy to 0 degrees It is a bit of a challenge in the garden as its teeth along the leaf margins are sharp and will grab clothing and skin so keep away from pathways and wear leather gloves when trimming or pulling older leaves.