The Feather Bush/Tree is native to the state of Arizona & a small part of Mexico. They have a soft look with their feathery ferny foliage, but are very tough plants that can tolerate a variety of conditions. Being a desert native, they are at home in full sun, heat, drought, & sandy or rocky soil, but are also able to tolerate coastal conditions, pollution, & moist soil. Because they are legume, they can help fix nitrogen in the soil. It is considered a large shrub to a small tree, & can be trained / pruned into your desired form & shape. They grow at a rate of about 2 feet per year, & are a popular ornamental & shade tree. The foliage is evergreen to partly deciduous with a ‘fall’ leaf color of bright golden yellow. The Feather Tree blooms in spring with clusters of white flower balls that turn to 4 – 6” long seed pods in the fall.