It is also commonly called Silver Cassia or Silvery Cassia. A fast growing evergreen medium size shrub to 5 to 6 feet tall and wide with limber branches holding distinctive flattened 2 to 3 inch long silver-gray falcate (sickle-shaped) leaves that are often two lobed near the tip and shimmer with light in the sun. Showy 3/4 inch wide yellow flowers appear in mass on branched terminal cluster in mid to late winter to early spring with interment flowering on to fall are followed by dangling papery brown seedpods that persist for months on the plant. Plant in full sun and well-drained soils. Irrigate only occasionally to infrequently as overwatering makes plants leggy. Hardy to around 20° F and useful in USDA Zone 9 and above. It is drought tolerant and handles wind, high heat and reflected heat exposures. It is a great showy and adaptable plant for a hot dry location that is attractive in or out of flower and the flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies.