This upright plant forms a beautiful, symmetrical rosette shape with slightly arching leaves and grows three feet tall and wide. It has light, bluish-green foliage with smooth edges and a sharp spine at its tip. Sometimes, it develops small brown teeth along its edges. After eight to ten years, the agave develops an eight- to ten-foot-high branched stalk with pale, yellow blooms. This is a great plant choice for low-water-use or xeriscape situations or as an accent plant. It has a beautiful form and combines well with other low growing agaves. It is a fast-growing agave that tolerates full sun with reflected heat, but looks better with filtered shade. It also prefers a well-draining soil. Smooth agave is hardy to twenty-five degrees F and needs protection from frosty conditions. The plant tolerates drought conditions, and once it is established, it is relatively low-maintenance and survives on little water.