Zigzag twigs on Epenopsis – Multi-stemmed, low growing shrub, or single specimen tree; attractive dark green foliage

Seasonality: evergreen; partially deciduous in colder zones

Size: 15-30 feet with equal spread; slow to the moderate growth rate (slow when young, speeds
up once established in the ground)

Leaves: bi-pinnately compound, alternate, round leaflets

Flowers: small, creamy white to yellow puffball; fragrant; bloom in late spring

Fruit: dehiscent pod, dark brown, 3-6in long, 1-1.Sin wide; pods persistent year-round

Stems/Trunks: well armed with many thorns; gray stems have distinctive zigzag jointing

Range/Origin: southern Texas and adjacent

Mexico Hardiness: mid to low teens


  • specimen tree
  • impenetrable barrier plant
  • privacy screen
  • unruly when young, better shape with age


  • Exposure: full sun, takes reflected head
  • Water: drought tolerant; faster growth with irrigation, best with 1-2 deep irrigations per month
  • Soil: tolerant
  • Propagation: seed, very hard seed coat, difficult to break dormancy
  • Maintenance: low; pod cleanup; training when young if tree form desired

NOTES: Pithecellobium flexible is an old botanical name. The more current classification is Ebenopsis Ebano.