Have you ever wondered if you could use common home items that have lost their pizzazz and repurposed as garden art?  Well, check out these items I have found that are great repurposed garden art. Many are picked up at a salvage yard or a neighborhood garage sale. I think anyone could make these items look great in the garden.

Old bedframes painted in bright colors add a whimsical addition to the garden. Paint the metal frames with your favorite color spray paint. Let dry. Drive rebar stakes into the ground to support the bed frame. Place the bedframe posts over the rebar. You can also use boards as the frame and bolt the head and footboards to them. Fill the bed with a good soil mixture for a flower bed. Plant and enjoy!

Whimsical raised bed

Raised bed garden using old bed frames.

Old farm equipment past its prime also makes great garden décor. We love this old tractor in the Robert J Moody Demonstration Garden. It was Robert Moody’s personal tractor and now the children love to climb up into the seat and play farmer.

Robert J Moody Tractor

Tractor in Moody Garden

Don’t have an old tractor? Not enough room in your landscape for one?  Try using a wheelbarrow, wagon, coal bucket, firewood holders, and whiskey barrels.

A wheelbarrow filled with annuals

Finding the right spot in your landscape to add a fairy garden has always been hard for me.   I love this idea of planting one in a large wooden wagon. It’s got all the right elements but in a manageable spot. My granddaughters would love this.

Whimsical Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

 Don’t you love a grand entrance? So does your garden. Creating illusions of a hidden garden door conjures up all kinds of imaginative thoughts of  “what’s on the other side?”

Garden Gate

 I have added a couple of them to my own landscape. The first one is a gate between the front and the backyard.   I wanted to make a grand entrance into my backyard from my front courtyard so I had a designer make me a custom metal gate which we finished off with a repurposed old railroad tie. We added metal straps and some decorative emblems to the ties.  I have my husband cut the ends off at angles so it looked like a rustic hacienda-style gate. I loved how it all turned out.

The second one is a metal art sculpture using metal wall art that I salvaged from friends. We found three separate pieces that looked southwestern. Created a rebar frame to hold them together and then welded them all together. It is not quite finished. I want to add some shorter metal pieces on each of the lower edges to hide some of the rebar frames. The silhouette often frames a beautiful Arizona sunrise or sunset.  It frames my custom murals perfectly.

Old wooden chairs can easily be transformed into a beautiful planters.  Cut a hole large enough to place a potted plant. Sand down the edges and then paint it. We painted ours in bright colors that coordinate well with the plant specimen.

Beautiful plant in a yellow painted chair

Rose bush in a white chair

Oversized metal Flowers near a reflection bench

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.  Enjoy creating some whimsy and fun in your garden. Everyone will love it too!